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Hot Day
Women's hands confidently drove the car, the right leg on the gas pedal. The girl straightened red hair and lifted her short skirt, revealing black panties completely. In this position, the girl was hot because the heat skirt clung to her ass. After another jump in the left wheel snapped. The girl straightened her skirt length is only allowed to cover up the young ass and climbed into the trunk for the jack and wheel brace. She was able to enjoy all this, as in her 29 was unmarried and did everything myself. Sitting next to the car she began to shove a jack under the car. The girl did not immediately notice that from the Forest came out the guy, his long shirt to hide a strong erection, which arose at the sight of black panties of the - under the skirt. -Can I help? - The guy came closer, immediately switched to the "you" and pointed out that under the topics of the girl nude firm breasts, two nipple bulged slightly. -If you are not hard, - she answered, lifting her head up and evaluating athletic training young man. - What's your name? - She asked, looking like a guy deftly drawn with replacement wheels. - Dima, and you? - The guy changed the wheel and looked at the girl's slender legs. And on that hot summer skin girls remained light, she seemed particularly attractive. - Julia, - said the girl. - Thank you, - said Julia, who noticed the erection Dima when he changed the tire. - How do you thank? - Up the river go? - Said Dima, and he thought: "Your lips would have looked perfect on my penis!"
- I myself am going there in the heat of the river and only need a rest! - And she thought: "He looks strong, interesting, and how long will it be enough to have sex with the girl, resting on the outstretched hand? "
Julia took her from the passenger seat her purse to Dima did not notice there faloimitator which forthcoming work on the river away from prying eyes. -So many people ... I was hoping that there will be less, - said Dima. - Okay, thank you for the ride! Fortunately, you relax! - Said Julia. Julia went on, and stopped at the part of the coast, where a lot of shrubs and trees. Swimsuit with Julia was not, she always sunbathing nude. Julia went to bed, letting the sun's rays caress her body. She closed her eyes and her eyes immediately Dima appeared naked, his penis is stood diagonally upward. She presented as Dima as thank fuck her on the hood of the car, and these thoughts she slipped a hand between her thighs. Her fingers began to move rapidly into the vagina and the other hand caressed her clit. But that Julia was not enough, she took out Bags, 20-inch faloimitator, and realized that she now and this is not enough, it was necessary Dima. Julia decided to swim. Cool water gently caressing her naked body of Julia, and she lay on her back so that her breasts could be seen above the water surface. -Julia? - Heard a familiar voice . - Dima? - Julia took a vertical position, but her bare breasts were still perfectly visible and under water. - I probably suffered over ...
- Topless bathing-, - the water was so clear, and Dima saw that Julia is not on the panties. - You want to fuck me? - Julia pressed her chest against his chest and kissed Dima. Dima was the tongue immediately Julia in her mouth. - Went on shore, - said Dima. They went into the high grass thickets. Dima Julia knocked on the grass and proceeded to kiss and caress her body. And her chest pressed against to his chest, and their tongues continued their wild dances. Then Dima sat on her stomach and was led by Julia his penis between her firm breasts. Julia hands clutching his chest, moving the penis between them . His penis Dima 25 inches in diameter and 5. Julia stuck her tongue, so that the head of the penis hit the tip of the tongue . Then, Julia put her head on the grass and opened her mouth, making it clear that she wanted to caress her lips penis Dima. He was leaning on his hands began to move penis in the mouth of Julia. Julia felt like penis glides over the tongue, does not penetrate too deeply. He fucked her in her mouth, moving his hips and buttocks up and down. Then Dima took several deep penetrations, so that Julia felt the penis touches the throat. The guy pulled out a penis . Dima was down below, first kissed Julia on the lips, tongue and then caressed her nipples and, after a tongue on her tummy, began to stroke the inside of the thighs of Julia. Julia thought that Dima make her cunnilingus, but he abruptly put his penis in her and started fucking.
Julia liked it even. She spread her legs wide for penis into the vagina was not enough space, so 10 cm were always outside. Julia could see how goes in and out the penis. Bust of Julia shaking with the speed with which Dym fucked her, and her mouth was not closed with the sound of pleasure, covering all body. - Want more deeply? - Said Dima. - Very - Julia replied, realizing what he wants. Dima took out his penis.
- It will help you, - said Julia, and a little spit on the penis Dima, after which the tongue saliva smeared across its length. Julia knelt down and leaned against the ground with his hands. Dima is a little spat on the anus, and then three push in the ass put his penis . Dima began to slowly move the buttocks, while the penis was not fully included in the ass Julia. And then, clasping her waist started strongly and sharply to fuck in the ass. Julia clutched in the hands of the grass and the moans of pleasure flew out of her mouth.Yes, it is pleasure, the pleasure that her afforded Dima moment ago, did not go do not in any comparison with pleasure from anal sex. It is an indescribable pleasure, when the penis is fully immersed in you and a feeling that it touches all the erogenous zones of the body without exception. Julia then straightened his hands, again rested on her elbows, her head, then fell down, so that she could see her breasts, then rose up. And Julia shook his chest, and Dima does not reduce the rate fucked in her ass, pounding his penis fully into the anus. Finally, Julia, could not stand, it was not so strong as Dmitri, and sat down on his stomach, feeling like a penis comes out of it. But Dima was not going to stop, he grabbed her knees buttocks and thighs, and again put Yulee his penis in her small young ass. Julia screamed with delight, which has reached such a level that she thought it would explode from the a tsunami climax. Dima stroked her back and he moaned with pleasure, and then he rested his hands on the ground, stretched their legs along the feet of Julia, and continued to fuck her hard and fast. Finally Dima felt the to pour sperm is already close , storm of ecstasy washed over both of them and penis cum shot straight into the anus of Julia. Dima has made a few final thrusts and taking out the penis out ass of Julia, and lay down beside her on the hot sun on the grass. He and she were unable to move, and lay on your stomach Julia , Dima on his back.



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