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The total passion
In its 45 years, Alexander was a happy man. Beloved wife, son, work .... But that has happened incident has made adjustments to this idyll. Alexander and his family move to live in the cottage. Also with him are young small Anya . Alexander had took myself thinking that is constantly trying to strip virginity of this young girl. Anya became like a beautiful flower. He was accustomed to a rather frank dresses ... thin spaghetti straps, The blouse stretched across her small girlish breasts, swollen nipples clearly showed their . On top of this beautiful picture shorts tight was on her young ass. We went to the river. Alexander came and openly admired her figure and shapely legs . They go swim . We played in the water. Anya did not immediately notice that the top of her bathing suit hanging open and her wonderful chest. As she wiped her eyes from the water, Alexander and Andrew admired her charms. Anya on the contrary, never even thought would not allow myself to think about sex.
- They have somehow changed in recent years, the girl thought, feeling the hand of his uncle aggressively penetrate between her legs. Andrew, seeing the state of his father, decided to a desperate step.
- Dad, you do not mind if I open a can of beer? Assessing the situation, Alexander nodded approvingly. - Anne, do you want ? Glancing at his boy, the girl decided and all three have played cards and drank beer. Anya and father went to river. A and his son watched how sexy girl. Meanwhile, Alexander was already in the water near the it. Andrew watched as his father in the water caresses niece. Putting her hands on her waist niece, Alexander, circled her in the water. But the hand did not know the rest, and move all above, and he bared his small young tits, which lured its pristine beauty. In Anya's breath, shock from what was happening to her, and strange sensations throughout the body. She has not had time to protest, when the hands squeezed her firm breasts. His penis was standing from desire. Almost is not arbitrary, feeling the fingers, hard penis of old man, the girl took it in hand.The barrier between the impossible and very desirable, was almost broken. Anya explain what was trapped in her hand. She felt the throbbing in her hand hard penis men. In the shower girls mingled shame and a strange interest, did not allow her to escape and scream. Such a obedience to young girl, has strengthened the desire of man. To his surprise, Anna quickly realized that man wants and every movement of her fingers squeezed more and more confident penis. Finally, the girl realized that she continues to move the hand on the penis up and down. Now Alexander fondled small breasts, he felt her nipples harden and swell girl. When the hand of man touched her panties, Anna tried to stop the invasion of her secret places. - Do not worry, I will not do you any harm. Relax, I'm just a little caressed to you. And the hand of men, all deeply penetrated in panties girls. Sasha's fingers reached the virgin untouched pussy. And when his uncle hands caressed her pussy, she realized that she liked, and in spite of all moral principles, enjoys her body. The girl tried to hold back moans when she felt the finger penetrate in her already wet pussy. Alexander was in shock. He did not think as he touching the girl so excited. In his thoughts, the man drew picture: he fucks young girl his strong penis. The man and young boy, carried away by caresses that forgot about the existence of Andrew. Alexander said his son in the water, and said in a whisper: - Do not wait, join. The of a mixture of alcohol, excitement and desire, did not allow the girl to say NO. Alexander, watched actions of his son, Andrew began to fondle her small young ass this girls. Anne felt her lips touched his lips young boy. Kiss of the boy and young girl became more passionate. Andrew's hands felt her breasts and excited nipples. He touched the tongue pink tight nipple. Finally, he plunged into the water ... and almost choked on what he saw. Hands of old man caressed her untouched pussy and young ass. And his sister, his uncle's penis wanker. Andrew took her hand and pulled sister's on his penis. Anya fondled two penises, her uncle and brother. She liked that she was still quite young, immediately brought to pleasure two men. On the shore of the family seemed to their neighbors, and young women Alexandra. All three of them began to swim under water resulted in a in order. young women Alexandra went to him in the water. Lena said. - Andrew, are you drunk?
But instead of answering, she felt his a hand laid on her tight buttocks. - What are you? Are you crazy - Lena said quietly, so as not to attract undue attention. But Andrew was not going to stop, and pulled her to his penis. Referring to the penis the boy, Lena soon out of curiosity, tried to estimate its size. Taking advantage of the moment, Andrew clung even tighter to her, and put his hands on large breasts. Feeling it a pleasant elasticity, the boy was excited to the utmost, he wanted see her nipples. His hands were shaking, and yet he managed to move the fabric and he saw a dark pink nipples. Andrew eagerly sucked at his lips her nipple . Lena gasped loudly and clutched her hand by tighter her son's penis. For boys it was too. As the body was a sweet spasm, and the boy groaned, and to violently cums. ....................The Anya worried about what had happened, how she could fondle their penises ... But nature took its toll and her hand reached for her pussy. Anya was represented that this is old man, and again eagerly caresses her breasts, playing with her nipples. And girl feels hot lips of young boy. She is naked in front of two of his men ... Anna a few caress to her already wet pussy and orgasm came. Andrew, also tried to analyze what happened. He never touched a naked woman, and now time to caress and sister and mother. Lena tried to pretend that nothing happened. And to calm down, she drank brandy. "Everything would be fine, but after watching what has happened to Anne." But the bottle was empty, and anxiety has passed. Alexander did not want to miss, he squeezed young woman breast - So Andrew squeezed boobs? Lena was silent. Then the man clutched his puffy tits stronger and stooping down, picked up his lips already hardened nipple. The breathing wives increased. - So he do? - Yes. - Said Lena. Alexander looked at magnificent breasts of Lena. Now he would prefer to touch the lips to girls' nipples of Anya. - And what did you? Do you like the way he fondled you? - Sasha said. - Do not torture me. - Said the woman. She pressed it his lips to force her man to sucked her vagina, and took his penis in his hand. - Him did you do the same? Yeah? - With these words, Alexander pressed his thumb on the throbbing clitoris of Lena, and two others plunged into depths of her vagina. - Yes, I stroked you hard penis. Sasha finally did it. He abruptly turned the Lena and putting her on all fours, with one stroke the penis plunged into her vagina. Lena began move her elastic ass, trying to insert more deeply into her vagina the penis of old man. And Sasha fucked. From her of juices squelching vagina. And Andrew, when he heard a moaning Lena, decided to look at. The old man is now one by one, then the tongue, then tried to finger to penetrate the anus of his Lena. In Andrei was erection in penis Aleksandr knew that Lena agrees fuck her young ass, he caressed his Lena anus. And he noticed that watched young boy. Alexander motioned him closer. Trying not to make noise, the boy came and stood beside old man. Now he could consider all , the things dreamed, masturbating in his room. Andrew began to realize that his penis , stood next to the wet vagina of the young woman. Sasha took his son by the penis and inserted into the anus of Lena. - Come on boy, enter penis in her young ass .
The boy inserted the penis in a hot ass of woman. Lena gave a muffled groan, but his penis stuck in her ass. And the woman began moving toward penis a young boy. With every one moves increasingly faster. Alexander watched as his boy's penis disappears completely in the ass Lena, and she did not know who at this moment fucked her ass, and, increasingly pushed her buttocks and penis helping young boy to fuck her red hole. Lena began to feel the heat in the abdomen, and she was toying with her wet vagina. Finally, the long awaited orgasm. But the boy did not cums , and continued to fuck young woman - Sasha, leave my ass. I can not more . But the continued movement of the penis inside the anus and stretching her tight hole. Alexander knew well the behavior of his Lena, his plan was carried out exactly as he planned. And man noted the courage of boy, and his tireless penis again stood. Andrew 20 minutes fucks anus young woman. Completely forgetting about everything, Sasha just wanted to continue this sexual orgy. Taking Lena's hair, he lifted her head and looked into her face. He saw that covered her orgasm. And Alexander guides his penis into Lena . As if in a dream, Lena could hardly understand what was happening. In her body was felt the sweet languor, and the desire of bliss completely clouded her brain. The next moment, she felt a strong hand pressed to her neck, and the penis with force inserted at her throat. Lena took in mouth a penis, she could not understand "someone's"fucked her anus , as before and someone gave her suck penis. Opening her eyes, she saw Sasha, who fucks young woman. If in her mouth has a penis of her husband, the same whose penis blissfully fucks in her young ass ? No, no! believe in that it rapidly finished, impaled ass on the penis of his own boy. Lena felt the rear, the boy of strongly pressed against her body, and his hands left her waist, fell on her firm young breast. The woman tried to get rid of penis boy. Knowing that my Lena is trying to reset it, Andrew leaned on her entire body with the power of compressed breasts of the womanr. Lena moaned. And when the son of his fingers squeezed her nipples, she began to howl in ecstasy of orgasm. Ring of the anus vibrated frantically, clenching his penis, and Andrew also finished in her young tight ass. Releasing the penis from ass, a woman fell on the sofa. Andrew watered her ass remnants of the sperm . Alexander admired this picture. Where Lena was recently pink star anus was now ripped a hole with red edges. His woman was lying, her torn anus emitted from the remnants of sperm ... Andrew was lying next to his Lena, or rather with the woman , which is ten minutes ago, he brazenly fucked in her ass .



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