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The next morning girl woke up very tired. Her young Legs ached . The girl afraid to even look at her pussy. The girl took a mirror and put it in front of the vagina ... I wish look: could close up ? in the hole was visible the uterus ... Her young anus, too, did not close until the end ... the girl has made this.Reeling, I got up and went into the shower. And then I remembered to order of Larissa, so I to shaved my crotch. With trembling hands I started to shave my young pussy . I looked at myself in the mirror - or anyone, and will not even think that this young woman walking with bare crotch. With these thoughts I left the apartment. -Oh, where are you going? To me, to continue our fun? - Larisa looked at me insolently. I tried to slip around it. But she grabbed me by the hand: -Do you remember what we said yesterday? Quickly, bitch, show or be punished, - she told me straight in the face. I lifted my skirt I was doomed. -Oh, you're a real whore, - sang Larissa. She launched her hand between my legs and her fingers were fixed in my young pussy. Just four fingers penetrated into me . -Plenty of time want to fucking you , - she said - show me your young ass. I opened my buttocks. Immediately I felt her two fingers inside my ass invaded opening my anus ... We go in her apartment. - Lie down on the bed and spreads legs wider. With that she pushed me onto the bed. I felt like pushing fingers she started rubbing my clit. My body betrayed me, I felt like starting to be excited. Her a finger penetrated my vagina, second, third ... Involuntarily, I began to moan in time with the movements of the fingers Larisa's. -Well, like that? when I to fuck fingers ? - Asked me Larisa. -Answer, a slut ! -Yes, I like it when you fuck me - I moaned ... Then I felt that I was beginning to enter the palm Gradually penetrated into the vagina deeper and deeper ... Pain was probably my vagina is enough stretched the hand of Larissa. That's her whole hand was inside me. I groaned out loud. She , was not paying any attention, began to move his hand inside me. In the room were heard the sounds of my wet vagina and groan ... A few minutes later I began to finish ... I myself sit down on the hand from me pouring streams of fluid, I screamed with delight. - Now, I will fuck ass - she said - I do not like it when in my whores tight holes. Flex feet to his chest. I dutifully bent legs at the knees and pulled them to his chest. I completely opened my crotch. Larisa immediately in my ass easily entered a finger smearing with grease. Pain or what I do not felt. Then he was joined by another finger, another ... I was lying felt again in the abdomen increases the heat ... Again, I began to moan . Suddenly, I felt torn apart by the pain in my ass. I looked up - and there, Larissa tried to push in my anus a hand. I howled in pain in a loud voice, and tried to lower the legs to stop, I was torn apart by hand's . - I tear your hole so that you on a month's ass does not sit - Larissa cried, noticing My attempts to escape. I clenched her teeth, she went to poke me with his hand. How long it lasted I do not I know for me time has turned into infinity ... It took 5 minutes or an hour, I do not know, but at some point I felt that the hand has moved forward dramatically. I again raised its head: Larissa already made her - her hand was completely in my anus . What happened next is not clear - I was again began to finish ... It was not just orgasms, it was a lot of orgasms ... I probably lost consciousness, because when I opened my eyes a hand of my tormentor to move back and forth in my ass "Ass ..." - flashed through my mind - "Can I call this so ? as with my ass have done a bigger hole ". Gradually, the hand was moving in me all the freer and freer ... All the barriers have been breached, my body capitulated to the pressure of this depraved woman ... Just yesterday I was an exemplary girl , daughter educated teachers ... And now I lay with her legs spread in front of the depraved drunken woman and her hands have made a my hole in the vagina and anus , where the intermeddle hands. Finally, she pulled hand: - Now you this whore with holes that would fuck even the horse's penis! - Larissa she laughed. With these words she took the mirror. I saw that my lips were hanging like a rag. but the most presented a horrible sight my ass, she just was not closed, the hole 5 inches in diameter, and from it flowed a small stream of blood and excrement. I sobbed. -Shut up, slut , we're only just begun - in the voice of a Larisa was not a hint of pity, - go to the bathroom, but disgust at your current hole . I barely got to her feet and went into the shower. Me have been waiting for Larissa. With a glass of vodka, she sat on the couch: -I was thinking, I'll fuck, you had pleasure and to cum ... But you give me more pleasure did not deliver. You want me to do well? I sat and said nothing. Larisa took off her robe. Beneath it were dirty panties. Her hands squeezed my breasts, climbed on the perineum, penetrating into every hole. Then she started kissing me on the lips, her tongue licking my mouth ... I was disgusted, but I was afraid to oppose it ... So I responded to her kisses, put my hands on her neck. She pulled off her panties and spread her legs. At this point, she grabbed my head and pulled him to his vagina. I started licking her vagina. Larisa used to take my face in her crotch, press it with all his might. My whole face was in her discharge. Finally, she was to cum . - licked all of my vagina - she kept saying. And I'm licked. I dutifully stood on all fours, spread her legs . Meanwhile, Larissa inserted into me vibrator is 8 inches in diameter, 40 centimeters in length . She began has sharply fuck my vagina gradually increasing the tempo. The phallus was moving in my vagina easily - perhaps she had something smeared. I began to moan . Very soon, she has fucked such a pace that I have not had time to catch his rhythm. Then she started to fuck in my uterus ... I screamed with excitement, I've wanted to pierce me this phallus. And then it left of my vagina, and then stuck phallus in my anus. I did not expect this, but Larissa is not paying attention to it, and fucked my ass. At the all depth of the vibrator fucked my anus. I shuddered and felt more pleasure and began to cum , but Larissa fell upon me with all the weight, Then she said. -Let's began fuck himself , and jump on this penis. I began fuck my ass a phallus. As long as I fucked himself in ass, a Larisa crumpling my breasts, strongly put off my nipples. - Faster, slut , to fuck your ass, and then I'll hands into your ass shove - she said . I jumped on the phallus even faster . Soon another orgasm again covered me ... I fell to Larissa trembling all over . - Took out of my ass, fuck herself between tits, and clean it from my shit - she told me, - Get used to shake the vagina before the mans. You have a lot of them will, I promise you, whore! I built a phallus between her breasts, squeezed their hands and they began to move along an artificial penis. The head of the penis was right in front of my lips and I opened my mouth to pain in the cheeks, took it in himself. - But my hands are the same, - I whispered mournfully, and immediately received a slap in the face, then another one . I squeezed his chest with one hand and fumbling for tits phallus, became the second hand stroking my vagina and suck the head of the penis ... - Such a whore like you should expose their filthy hole under the penis and satisfy everyone. Everyone i will give you will fucked to pain, - says Larisa . - Even though it will a beast , you should satisfy his every whim . I listened and sucked , the breast have started to burn with fire from the friction of the phallus, and under my fingers vagina continuously flowed. - Okay, enough with his penis to play - I was interrupted by Larissa. She undid the straps holding the phallus and spread her legs, and I began lick her vagina ! Before I go to sleep, suck to pleasure me . I pressed her lips to her vagina and started licking. I thought for , what will do me tomorrow . LOOK GALARY! or want more porno stories with anal sex? CLICK HERE!

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